Monday, July 28, 2014


Jovial rice pasta

Sugar change:
I've changed sugars after finding out that it's a common practice to use Round Up to dessicate sugar cane before processing.  This leaves glyphosate residues and glyphosates negatively affect bacteria, including the good bacteria in our gut - and I need all the help I can get to keep my gut healthy!  Organic sugars are not processed in this way, so I've switched to C&H organic cane sugar and Trader Joe's organic cane sugar.  I'm working at changing the recipes to organic sugar.


  1. Just found your site - very interesting. I have a lot of similar issues (celiac, have to be on a low histamine diet, other allergic reactions, including corn). Look forward to looking around your site.

    Do you recall where you found the information on Round Up and sugar cane? I always love to write down the original source, if it's ever from something in print, you know? I've seen information about this being used to desiccate wheat, as well. Now you've got me curious if there's anything else it might be used for, currently. 0.0

  2. Thanks! I first heard about glyphosates being used as ripeners/dessicants on sugar cane on various health blogs I follow - a Google search brought up several industry references to it, including this from LSU's College of Agriculture: This totally explains why I have GI tract problems after eating large amounts of sugar - this is now not happening with organic cane sugar. This site has a good overview of glyphosate's effect on humans: