Friday, November 9, 2012

Rice Flour

This actually makes sense, when you stop and think about it!  All rice is not equal when ground into flour.  I'd never even considered this before, but back when I used wheat I knew that different wheats ground into flours that were good for different things - semolina for pasta, soft spring wheat for baked goods, ... 

Last week I ran out of jasmine rice, so I ground up some white basmati I had.  Then disaster struck!  I made chapatis - they fell apart.  Pancakes, muffins - same crumbling texture.  Basmati apparently does not make good flour!  Just to experiment, I ground Trader Joe's white jasmine rice, the white jasmine I get from a local Asian market, and Lundberg's white jasmine.  The flour from the Lundberg's rice made the best baked products.  So ... I recommend grinding rice flour from Lundberg's white jasmine for baked goods.  I haven't tried rice flour pasta, but when I do, I'll experiment with several different types of rice.

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